Search Engine Optimization (SEO) YOUR BUSINESS FIRST

We all played Marco Polo and Hide and Seek as kids. It was fun back then, but as a business owner…not so much. You can have most incredible website ever designed, but if you customers cannot find it with a simple search, it is no better than not having a website at all. Contrary to what some companies will tell you, it’s not only about the Keywords. SEO techniques are as unique to your business as your brand; it will differ for businesses that are primarily B2C from those that are B2B.

SEO is not just some mysterious algorithm that can only be understood by computer experts. SEO is a term that encompasses a number of components that come together to help your site rank in search engine searches. Rank is important because your site should be easy to find by anyone looking for the products and services you offer. If no one can find your business unless they type in the exact web address, then your business website needs SEO work. As your business and the digital universe evolves, your SEO will need regular attention to maintain relevance.

We can audit your existing website and make SEO recommendations and upgrades, or we can design a new website that the SEO work is done as it is being built.