Team SharpShell knows you have choices. So, we made a significant choice when forming our business model to put client relationships first.

We pledge to do our work in an ethical manner that benefits each client to the best of our abilities. If an ad campaign will not render effective or efficient results, we will advise another avenue of growth rather than take your money for an ineffective campaign.

Should your company brand not be robust enough to give us the real “flavor” of your company, we will work with you to make sure that not only SharpShell knows the intricacies of your brand, but that you and your employees do as well. Messaging, ON BRAND, all time is vital to your company’s success. We will work hard to make sure that your corporate brand represents you the way you want from your CEO to receptionist and every component of your digital universe.

Holistic and financially responsible marketing in partnership with our clients to create an effective and efficient digital presence means that your trust in The SharpShell Team is well placed.

How Can we Help?

The Marketplace is Changing, Are You Ready?

Website Design

Your website is the cornerstone of your online business. We design incredible, flexible sites that meet your needs. All of the sites are optimized to drive the most traffic to your site and grow your Google ranking organically.

Branding and Consulting

Clients work with SharpShell to help find their “voice,” solidify branding, corporate positioning and develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that provides direction and a cohesive look and feel to all things “Your Business.”

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

So you already have a site that just needs a little love, good news! We have a solution. By optimizing keywords and running a successful search campaign, Search Engine Optimization can increase the traffic to your website. 

Social Media Strategy

We will create a robust social media strategy and execution plan to optimize your reach and aid in attracting followers so you can jump-start and grow your community.

Social Media Marketing & Community Management

Ignoring social media is no longer an option for any size company. We will create your social media pages, create a robust targeted audience list and run your social media ad campaigns.

Ads Management

Advertising with Google is an amazing way to get your company out there. With our AdWords marketing campaigns, we will maximize your ads to provide the biggest impact and reach.

Influencer Marketing

A new phenomenon has been occurring during the last decade. More and more people are making purchasing decisions based on online influencers from TikTok to YouTube. Don’t miss the boat. We can connect you with an influencer perfect for your target customer base.

Business Consulting

We could all use a little help in getting things optimized, let us be your strategic partner. We offer help and guidance for small businesses on a range of strategic topics from government assistance to optimize their workforce. Let us help you navigate this post COVID economy.

Email Marketing

Conceptualizing email triggers, timeframes, and what to do with data collected by your “contact us or subscription” pages on your website can be overwhelming. SharpShell can help with all of this confusion.

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