Influencer Marketing A CUT ABOVE

What do Richard Branson, Jamie Oliver, Joanna Gaines, Kayla Itsines, Jennifer Anderson, Chris Bukard, Sean William McLoughlin (Jacksepticeye) and Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast) have in common? They’re all social media influencers!

Each of these influencers are media icons in their established categories of expertise. Tapping into established audiences with influencers is a great way to broaden your brand reach. Each influencer is uniquely qualified to reach out and connect by virtue of their authenticity and audience following.

Those listed above are the best of the best in their respective categories, but there are social media influencers that are smaller and more readily available to you.

These resources could be promoting your business to their audiences. When you’re ready to engage, let us know! We will research, strategize, reach-out and negotiate with likely social media influencers that might be a good fit for your business. Once on board, we manage the influencer relationship and measure the effectiveness of influencer campaigns, and the ongoing relationship with your brand