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SharpShell Solutions is an award-winning digital marketing company focused on helping clients find their voice, engaging with their customers and ultimately… be seen in today’s digitally dominated marketplace.

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Website Design

We design incredible, flexible sites that meet your needs. All of the sites are optimized to drive the most traffic to your site and grow your Google ranking organically.

Social Media Marketing & Community Management

We will create and manage your social media pages, create a robust targeted audience list and run your social media ad campaigns and improve brand awareness.

Ads Management

With our cutting-edge market research and keyword explorer tools, we are able to identify and target the correct audience  decreasing your cost per lead and improving your Return on Ad Spend.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We will optimize your website to rank top page on Google searches for keywords related to your business, bringing constant organic traffic to the website.


We love working with the SharpShell Team! As a new restaurant, taking over a restaurant that has been around for 38 years, we definitely faced some challenges. Their team, with their experience and expertise, has not only helped to make the transition a bit smoother and get our name out there, but we have developed a great relationship with them too. You will love working with Raul, Kellie, Oleh, Steven, Lizzy and the rest of the team!
Nauti Lobstah
Nauti Lobstah
I can’t say ENOUGH about this company. I created a business plan and catapulted into the unknown and this team honored my ingenuity, talked me through every step of the way for streamlining my marketing and built an amazing website! I started using Sharp Shell for my social media before considering a website and truly had no clue the inspiration & motivation this team of professionals could bring. Their personal approach and collaboration amongst their team were the two factors that stood out in this process. They know their stuff! I am so glad to be teamed up with Raul, Kellie, Lizzie & Oleh.
Kelly N Mawhinney
Kelly N Mawhinney
My business is commercial real estate dealing with restaurants and companies that sell a product or provide a service. Sharp Shell Solutions is a must in this day and age to be a part of the over all business model. Companies that don't use this social media tool, I believe will have a tougher time driving business/patrons to your front door. Sharp Shell Solutions is the marketing strategy company of the future!
Steve MacGeorge
Steve MacGeorge
I needed a website for my business and I contact SharpShell Solutions. They where very helpful, very responsive and they did all I was looking for to build my website. My website has a great deign that looks fresh and professional. They cover all the bases and now they are running my advertising campaign. Recommended 100%!!!!
Emanuel Cruz Villalobo
Emanuel Cruz Villalobo
Raul and the Sharp Shell Solutions team were absolutely wonderful to work with. They made the process very seamless and effortless. The responsiveness was quick and very personable and professional. Sharp Shell went over and beyond with their knowledge. I would highly recommend Sharp Shell Solutions.
Miranda Beyer
Miranda Beyer

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